What to expect when you order a party  cake:

A standard party cake is 6-inches in diameter (round), is composed of 2-3 layers, filling of choice, and serves up to 12 guests.

A tall party cake is 6-inches in diameter (round), is composed of 4 layers, filling of choice, and serves up to 24 guests.

What about the outside?

The outside of your cake will be wrapped in your choice of silky Italian butter cream, Dark Chocolate Ganache, or Vegan Coconut Maple Cream in the style or color scheme of your choosing.

And on top?

All of our cakes will come standard with a simple garnish. This will consist of an item  that pairs well with your cake flavor/s.

Ask about our upgrades and deluxe options.

Add a bouquet of blooms to enhance the natural beauty of your cake.

Pricing for cakes:

All of our cakes have a base price and adjustments are made based on custom details you have requested. Once you have sent an order inquiry via the ‘Order Here’ section, you will receive a reply with an exact quote for your cake.

Just to give you an idea:

We can make multiple cakes with different flavors, a larger individual cake, or add multiple tiers to a cake. The possibilities are endless!

Loaf Cakes:

Craft Cakes offers loaves that are great for eating with your morning or evening brews. They are available in any of our listed cake flavors including seasonal flavors.

Each loaf yields up to 12 slices. $15 each

Purchase 3 loaves at $40.


Birthday, engagement, shower, and party cakes can be picked up by appointment or delivered.

Wedding cakes require delivery and setup. We do this to ensure proper delivery to venue, safe setup, and peace of mind on your special day.

Delivery charge: Within I-485 corridor- $30

Setup fee for weddings: $18 allowing adequate time to arrive, unload, and arrange cake.

Best time to order:

For loaves- 24 hours

For 12-24 guests- 1 week, This allows us enough time to gather and make garnishes.

For 25 or more guests- 1 month preferably, but please contact us and we may be able to accommodate if you need it sooner.

Any Q&A we missed? Please feel free to visit our CONTACT page and send us an email to help us build on our FAQs.