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Where are you located?

We are located at 1600 Fulton Avenue Suite.120 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nestled in Plaza Midwood, on a little road just off of Central Avenue. Parking is available along the street or in the over flow parking lot across from the studio.

What are your hours?

Our studio hours are by appointment only. Upon reserving your cake, you will have the option of choosing a pick up time frame or delivery. Tasting consultations are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays by appointment and we work with your schedule to set up the best date and time.

Do you have ready made baked goods for same day pick up?

We produce all of our cakes to order so we typically do not have items waiting for purchase, we use social media to share any extra cakes we have readily available for pick up.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Email us the address of delivery and we will be more than happy to provide a quote.

Do you set up when delivering?

Cake deliveries are inclusive of set up and styling of flowers and botanicals on the cake. We prefer this! Communication with your florist is required when flowers are not provided by us. You may leave any signs or props that you’d like us to incorporate to set up as well.

Can I make an appointment for a tasting? Is there a fee?

Tastings are by appointment only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is a $50 fee to schedule your appointment which will be credited to your deposit if you decide to book with us. A minimum order of $400 is required for tasting appointments, otherwise we recommend you place an order for the items you would like to consider for your event and they can be picked up from our studio.

Can I order a cake other than a wedding cake?

Absolutely! We love creating pieces of art for all occasions.

Do you hire out cake stands?

Yes. They are $25/stand and we require a card on file to secure a rental order and ensure our items are retuned in their original condition. You can select to have us return at the conclusion of your event for an additional charge, or you may return it to our studio within 3 business days.

How far ahead do I need to place my order?

We recommend placing your order about two weeks prior to you social event and three to six months prior to your wedding date. We have a limited number of slots and they tend to fill up quickly so it is highly recommended to confirm your cake as soon as you are ready.

Do you accept a deposit for orders?

Only for bookings over $400. All other orders need to be confirmed with full payment by bank transfer for full confirmation. We can only take a limited amount of orders per week/day, so we base our schedule on a first paid/first served policy.

Do you offer cupcakes?

Yes. Please request them upon submitting your contact form. There is a 1 dozen (12) minimum for cupcakes with one flavor selection per dozen.

Cake Servings?

Cake servings are based on 1″x1″ rectangular cuts (coffee servings). They are the equivalent of a small regular cupcake. If you are looking for dessert servings (2″x1″cuts) please choose the next cake size up to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around.

How do I best cut tall cakes?

We recommend cutting a cake in square cuts (visualize a grid) and cut a 1″ cut all the way down the face of the cake. Push the whole slice onto a large plate or cutting board, and then divide and cut smaller portions to distribute. Continue cutting this way for the next 1″ deep cake slice until the end. You will maximize your portions using this method.

How do I keep/store the cake?

Our cakes keep very fresh in the fridge for up to seven days (decorations may vary), so if you are not eating the cake on the day of pick up, store the cake in it’s box in a fridge with no odors and bring to room temperature at least 45min-1hour before cutting. Cakes are best eaten nice and soft.

How do I transport my cake?

Non-tiered cakes will be passed to you in an enclosed box on a cake board. You can safely transport them on the passenger floor with the air-conditioning on and driving slowly around the corners. Best would be if a passenger were able to hold the cake on their lap for the journey. For larger wedding and celebration cakes we would like to offer our delivery services based on availability (fee applies).

How do I store leftovers of a cake?

You can easily pack the cake in an air tight container and freeze it to be enjoyed at a later date. Please make sure the cake is fully defrosted before eating and do nut store 30 days after the initial cut.

Are you a NUT-FREE kitchen?

Our kitchen is NOT NUT-FREE. We use almond milk and coconut milk in our cake batters. As well as produce other orders containing nut fillings or ingredients. Please be aware of this when serving our cake to your guests.

Do you accommodate food sensitivities or dietary restrictions?

Yes. We offer Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Vegan cake options. Any orders with food allergies have extra precautions taken to avoid cross contamination. Please notify us by written message in the contact form of those sensitivities to ensure they are taken into account.

Do you copy other cake styles?

If you give us a rough idea of the cake color/theme/style we will create a beautiful piece just for you. No two cakes will ever be the same. Please note, we do not copy other cake designs and do not use fondant in any capacity. Our cakes are unique to Craft Cakes CLT and we do our best work with creative liberty. We are happy to discuss with you throughout the design process so please give a clear understanding of what you would like, otherwise we are more than happy to surprise you!

Can I pick up my cake any day of the week?

Our days for pick up are Tuesday through Saturday. We are away from the kitchen and with our families on Sundays and Mondays. We only make exceptions for weddings and they are by scheduled delivery only. If your social event is on a Sunday or Monday, we will schedule your pick up for Saturday and your cake will keep safe in the fridge (decorations vary) as described above. See ‘How do I keep/store the cake’.

Do you make GF/Vegan cakes?

Yes! We offer Vegan cakes and Gluten-Free cakes. A surcharge does apply to Gluten-Free cakes to cover the additional ingredients. Please note, all Gluten-Free cakes are made with Almond Flour. Take this note in the event you or guests are also sensitive to nuts. We do offer a Nut-Free/Gluten-Free cake upon request.

Additional Features

If you would like additional features on the cake such as gold leaf, paint splatter effect, fully gilded cake, deluxe blooms (peonies, David Austin roses, edible flowers, orchids, etc.), handmade custom topper, acrylic cake toppers, birthday candles, etc.- please let us know in the contact form so we can quote you accordingly.

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